Women’s Auxiliary

The purpose of the Auxiliary shall be to support the Santa Barbara Rescue Mission through prayer, fund-raising for its programs, and outreach to the community concerning the work and services of the Rescue Mission.


Andrea Preiser, President

Terri Anderson, Jean Archer, Cynthy Ardell, Betty Bagdasarian, Cheryl Barbaria, Ruth Bartz, Sandee Beckers, Marguerite Berti, Alice Birch, Maureen Bowis, Carol Bridgeman, Alice Campbell, Zoe Copus, Gilda Coussa, Sharon Davie, Dianne Davis, Joyce Enright, Martha Fisher, Terry Foil, Juanita Freel, Trish Geyling, Pamela Gilbert, Mary Hubbard Given, Norris Goss, Lorette Harnsberger, Kathy Hartnett, Jeanne Heckman, Myra Hilliard, Rose Hodge, Susan Hughes, Cindy Jaeger, Pat Johnson, Shelley Johnson, Anna Jordan, Gerd Jordano, Kitty Larsen, Susan Laughlin, Priscilla Long, Linda Nielsen, Carol Ohman, Maren Parsons, Sue Paulsen, Bette Anne Ratzlaff, Verlinda Richardson, Marlene Riemer, Elaine Rottman, Suzi Ryan, Carolyn Savage, Mary Schmidt, Kim Schuck, Pam Sneddon, Judy Sturgeon, JoAnn Sutton, Sydney Tredick, Cheryl Trosky, Patty Tunnicliffe, Joy Van Wickle, Kirsten Walters, Diane Waterloo, Susan Wennerstrom, Patty Watts, Annie Williams, Julie Willig, Rebecca Weber, Sharon Wilson, Helene Winter


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