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The 2010 Summer Newsletter

The stories and photos in this issue of Milestones are our way of saying, “Thank you for all you’ve done, and all you continue to do.”

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Amanda found recovery at Bethel House

Amanda and her cousin, Danny

Amanda was addicted to meth, prescription drugs, and alcohol.  She was stealing, lying, and cheating—anything she had to in order to get her next fix. Before she graduated from our donor-funded residential treatment center. Today she says, “I allowed God to enter my heart and I began to have a desire to be more like the woman God created me to be, to be a woman of integrity. He gave me something I never had–HOPE.”

Amanda is attending Santa Barbara City College, studying to become a Drug and Alcohol Counselor—just like her cousin Danny, a 2006 graduate who currently serves as a residential treatment specialist here at the Mission. Your gifts made such an impact in her life, through the Santa Barbara Rescue Mission, that she wants to counsel other recovering addicts and alcoholics–just like the counseling she received from our Bethel House.

Before her graduation, Amanda’s new-found faith and transformation were tested. Amanda’s grandmother—who meant more to Amanda than life itself—passed away a loss Amanda had been dreading for a long time. “I always thought that I could never stay clean if I lost [my grandmother]. She was my everything…”

But Amanda has come a long way. In fact, everything about her has been so radically transformed that she’s a completely different person. “It is because of my relationship with God that I made it through clean and sober. I feel like God told me, ‘It’s okay,’ and he will take care of her and she won’t hurt anymore.”

Stan Came Here for His Kids

Stan grew up in a poor neighborhood in our very own community, where peer pressure forced him into a gang and its lifestyle of drug abuse. But even in the midst of his supposedly tight-knit gang, Stan was lonely. He hated his life. “Prior to coming to the Rescue Mission, my lifestyle was an unbalanced death sentence. Willing to pay the cost for my actions, I wasn’t sent to prison again, but I was given the opportunity to go to the Rescue Mission and change my life.” Stan then said, “Over the past year, miracles have been a big part of my daily life, and on September 30, I was granted sole custody of my three oldest children. A year ago, I was not allowed to see my kids. People like me don’t stay clean and sober for over a year. People like me don’t get custody of their kids. People like me don’t check in with parole or probation. People like me die in their alcoholism, die in their addiction, die in prison. I was welcomed at the Rescue Mission when I wasn’t welcome anywhere. One last great idea to try and get sober, and here I am today.”