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Prayers are Answered

In the last issue of our Milestones newsletter, we specifically requested prayer for two stackable ovens –– costing $6,000.  We received a phone call from a longtime donor who gave us the full amount.  The ovens were installed last week and have dramatically improved our efficiency.  We serve dinner to 45 men in our 12-month residential treatment program and approximately 150 – 200 homeless guests every evening.  It was very difficult to do this with only two antiquated ovens, and it certainly limited what we could offer our guests.  Patrick Pastoret, our food services supervisor, said “It doesn’t take as long now to cook with these new ovens.  In the past it took upwards of two hours to bake four turkeys, with the convection ovens it’s less than one hour to cook 16 turkeys.”

Thank you for praying for us!


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