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“I am so thankful for all that God has done in my life.”

Peter AuchenbachPeter vividly recalls how everything started going black for him at the age of 12 . . . “I began to have a lot of depression,” he says. “The joy of life was sucked out of me. I became uncomfortable in my own skin and remember feeling an uncontrollable sadness that would plague my days.” That hopelessness led to repeated drug overdoses, suicide attempts—and losing everyone who ever loved him. Peter says, “I wondered why I was ever born and prayed God would allow me to fall asleep and never wake up . . .”

As a graduate of our state-certified, 12-month, residential recovery program, he says, “The moment I walked in here I believe was when the Lord Jesus took over my life. I spoke to the director and within minutes I was accepted into the program. Talk about a miracle!”

Peter says, “I definitely had not wanted to stay, but I looked at my grandfather who drove me here, and said, ‘I guess I’ll see you in a year.’ In all my life, I had never seen my grandfather cry, but on that day he cried all the way home. He told me this was one of the hardest things he had ever done, but he was so proud of me.”

That’s Peter’s story. As a successful graduate, he smiles now, and says, “I’m so grateful for having this chance at a new life. I would never have been able to do this without the support from the Mission and the love of God.” Wondering aloud, he says, “I love being sober! And I am so thankful for all God has done in my life. And to those who donate their time and gifts to the Mission, you are my heroes.”

Peter graduated from our proven recovery program in January 2010, receives his B.A. in Psychology from Antioch University this summer, and has met and married the love of his life at a local church.

Viva La Bayou

Viva La Bayou from Santa Barbara Rescue Mission on Vimeo.

We are so grateful to Kathy Ireland for promoting our annual fundraising event!

Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Ceremony webWe will honor the women and men graduating from our 12-month residential treatment program on Saturday, November 1 at 5:00 p.m.  The ceremony will be held at Emanuel Lutheran Church located at 3721 Modoc Road, Santa Barbara. There will be a reception immediately following. For more information, please call 966-1316.

Viva La Bayou

Viva La Bayou Invite Web 2014Be sure to circle your calendar for October 4 at 2:00 p.m. and join us at historic Ranch Dos Pueblos in Goleta for our 13th annual fall benefit and silent auction!

This year’s VIVA LA BAYOU theme is sure to delight you and yours—and your participation will serve to inspire others in our community as our annual auction helps raise critical ministry funds.

Tantalizing tapas will be served and guests will be entertained by Chris Fossek on flamenco guitar.

You’ll also be inspired and encouraged by hearing from this year’s special honoree, Betty Rosness, a true source of inspiration in our community and beyond.

Betty is a retired advertising and public relations executive whose years in Santa Barbara are also marked by a long and honored career of civic volunteerism. At the age of 90, Betty remains a committed partner to the work of recovery at the Mission. So please join her and everyone connected with the Mission for a night of fun and fundraising! Your support is crucial to all the lives we’ll serve together during our busy fall and winter season.

VIVA LA BAYOU Reservations are limited, so please make yours today by clicking here!  For more information, contact Rebecca Weber at the Santa Barbara Rescue Mission, (805) 966-1316, ext. 105. Hasta Luego!  See you soon!

Mariah Finds a Future at Bethel House

600_9756Mariah’s parents divorced when she was very young. Her mother moved out and her father became a single parent of five. She remembers her childhood as being chaotic and she felt she was lost in the shuffle. Mariah wasn’t comfortable in social settings; yet, she could get straight As in school. Unfortunately, her desire to fit in was so strong that she would do anything to fulfill that need.

Mariah began to attend parties after she graduated from high school. She fell in love and became consumed with her new relationship. She now had a boyfriend and a new group of friends. “If I drink and use, I will fit in and finally be accepted,” Mariah concluded. Her new lifestyle led to homelessness and the county jail. She was ordered to a one-year program and applied to Bethel House.

Mariah entered the program last May. “My heart was still with someone in jail, so I wasn’t working an honest program,” she remembers. She was exited from the program but reapplied after 30 days. This was her turning point and she fully committed herself to recovery. Mariah has completed the program, and we immediately hired her to be our program clerk and provide night security at Bethel House.