“I dug a hole so deep it was like a grave and that’s where I slept.”

Karla was abused . . . by those she trusted the most. The fact that she is here, still alive today, is a miracle—after being physically abused as a child, only to experience more terror in foster Graduate Poster 2015 008care—bearing the pain and impact of both without professional help for so many years.

“All I wanted to do was not exist. And a friend of mine said he had the perfect cure for everything I was going through—and introduced me to cocaine. “It worked,” she says—for awhile. “I didn’t sleep so I didn’t have the nightmares. But it got worse and progressed and I became an addict. I put myself in situations where I should not be alive. I OD’d. I was stabbed. I lost my house. Lost everything. And went to jail.”

“Every time somebody told me there was a program I could do that would turn my life around, I would turn it down, because I didn’t believe . . .” But finally God spoke to Karla’s aching heart, she listened, she believed and Karla came here to the sanctuary of Bethel House. Gratefully, she says, “I’ve been given a chance to heal—and I have never been offered that in my life. Not by anybody.” Karla graduated in 2015 and is enjoying her life today as a mother, grandmother, volunteer, and she sponsors women at Bethel House.


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