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Every $1.51 Meal You Give Before the End of the Year is Just the Beginning

You Still Have Time to Change Lives in 2019!

Every $1.51 you give provides a hot, nourishing meal for someone in need right here in Santa Barbara. Even better, it can open the door to our comprehensive Recovery Program and become the start of a whole new life.

This is Transformation:
Over 4 Years Sober

One of the last Christmas’ before Bryce came to the Mission, he was hopeless and high.

“I would just sit there and open presents and have a Christmas dinner and be high during the whole thing,” he says with deep regret.

His addiction started in high school with alcohol and marijuana.

“I started taking so many painkillers, ten plus pills at a time wasn't doing the trick for me.”

Nothing helped. Nothing that is, until Bryce came to the Mission and found hope, healing, freedom, and Jesus Christ here at the Mission through the kindness of people like you.

“My life now following Jesus in all my ways and giving Him everything is much, much better than the life I used to live full of drugs, partying, and alcohol. . . there’s nothing like it.”

Your year-end gift today will help share God’s love and transform more lives like Bryce’s!

Rolf Geyling | President

There’s an irony to living in Santa Barbara. It’s one of the most beautiful places on earth, but we cannot escape people in need.

For almost everyone who comes to the Mission, the most unifying theme I hear is trauma. People have experienced something. Sometimes it's self-inflicted, but a lot of times it's just circumstances. If you sit there at the table and hear their story, you think, “Okay, if that happened to me, I could see my life becoming unhinged.”

Thankfully, because of donors like you, there's hope for change and new life.

About Santa Barbara Rescue Mission

Santa Barbara Rescue Mission has provided life-changing recovery services and emergency care to the homeless and hungry since 1965. We are the only place between Ventura and Santa Maria that is open 365 nights a year. For many people, we are their last stop. Their last chance. Their last hope.

The Rescue Mission will serve 140,000 meals, provide safe shelter (thanks to the recent remodel) to 200 men and women each night, and graduate over 30 people from its 12-month Residential Recovery Program.

We run entirely on the funds we receive from foundations, corporations and generous people like you. In the past year, together we have helped:

Only One Rescue Mission

“I strongly support all the programs at the Santa Barbara Rescue Mission because they result in giving hope to those struggling to find hope, and in doing so prevent crime and support public safety. Although there is a tremendous need for residential treatment programs in Santa Barbara County there is only one Rescue Mission.”

- Joyce Dudley, Santa Barbara District Attorney

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This is your last chance to help provide meals to your desperate neighbors in 2019. Each $1.51 provides one meal.

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